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SPEAK UP!  HEAL THOSE EMOTIONS FIRSTLY & FIND CONFIDENCE IN ALL YOUR SOUL VOICE EXPRESSIONS OF COMMUNICATION Examine your throat chakra – is it squeaky, scratchy, or silent? Are you finding the connection between your heart and voice disaligned, disfunctional, and distressed? How is fear within your heart preventing you from moving forward in life? […]

Intuitive Life Coaching

HOW DOES YOUR SOUL FEEL WITH THOSE AROUND ABOUT YOU?  Are you comfortable in your own space, within your own way of life – enjoying those spurts of life experiences with friends, but equally enjoying the time you spend with your own soul?  Are you comfortable and joyous in the company you are keeping? Do […]

Susan Smalley Spirituality

Do you consider yourself SPIRITUAL?   Are you RELIGIOUS? Would you say you live your life a little in both? Are you EXISTING IN ALIGNMENT TO THE VOICE OF ONE’S HIGHER SELF? Are you ATTUNED TO YOUR NATURALLY PASSIONATE SOUL? Are you LIVING IN HARMONY WITH EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU?      I recently asked […]

Susan Smalley Life Coaching

At some point in your life, whether that be recently or way, way back, you have become swamped with dampened hope or belief in you and your purpose in life.  You have been swayed away from your dreams and ambitions, resulting in your underestimating your own ability, negelecting your own needs and desire, and/or had […]

How are you diving into this new decade? Are you fresh faced and clear headed? One hundred per cent certain about the direction your life is moving? Surrounded by those who support and compliment your energy? Refreshed and rejoicing at how much you have achieved in life so far? Jaded, confused, abandoned, unsupported, judged, or […]

Happy New Year! A simple end of year, or beginning of new year, exercise to really shake and shimmy your energy this season. Write down the name or names of those who you need to forgive.  Include yourself, if need be. Attach no power whatsoever to the weight of who they are, what they did, […]

It’s no good looking at the screen trying to scrape a little knowledge here and there all the time.  So busy you find yourself looking outwards all of your waking hours.  Flouncing around here and there, and busying up your day with social media or wasting hours of valuable time, slumped uninterested in life. When […]

Strengthen your Soul

I sat down to write a few month’s ago, in the beautiful ambience within one of my favourite places; despite having a workload to write content for my own website, I found myself gazing out of the window towards the ocean.  I often find inspiration at the coast, in fact, I ALWAYS find inspiration at […]

Author Susan Smalley

Christmas sparkle and celebrations at a time when everyone wishes to spread joy and happiness across their families and friendship circles.  A time of love, giving, sharing, and being together in fun and laughter. Warmth and harmony wrapping around you, not just the paper you enclose your gifts for others within.  Feeling the excitement and […]

Reiki Healing Susan Smalley

Don’t feel out in the cold – gift yourself space and time to self love, and gain access to renewed energy levels to help Improve your wellbeing with joy in all areas of your life. You may have wished to come along to me for various reasons for a while now and yet, you are not […]

Susan Smalley Reiki Healing

The whole world has darkened.  You may feel we are burrowing ourselves deep within our caves, at this time of the year.  Can you see your way clearly into your future? We all switch on the bright lights, adorn our homes and gardens with twinkling lights, and strike the match to light the flame of […]

Intuitive Life Coaching  Many people request that I work with them, as they find themselves in dire circumstances in work, relationships, family disputes, ill health, money anxieties, fertility problems, divorce, move of home in new location, lack of friendship, betrayal, physical and sexual abuse, mental torment, lack of motivation or drive, and helplessness to shift […]

Reiki Healing Share Afternoon Retreat  6TH OCTOBER 2019 For those of you who love REIKI HEALING you are welcome to come along to my first gathering at this beautiful tranquil sanctuary, situated just outside Durham City.    With ease of parking and fabulous ambience, I have enjoyed all my recent retreats at this venue and […]

Third Eye Meditation

The joy of helping someone relax and attune to their own inner spirit, during a meditative session is immense. Recently, I held another Connecting to your Spirit Guides and Angels afternoon retreat where all attendees were welcomed, introduced and settled into their seats.   The ambience of the room was amazing with candle flames flickering, soft […]

Life upside down? Changes in work, relationship, family dynamics or within health? Why does it seemingly come at us from every direction?  When it does, it is no surprise we wish to throw in the towel, and give up on ourselves.  Everything may appear to be going wrong, with stress levels rising, body tense, anxiety […]

Crystal Clear  – Looking after your Crystals  What’s not to love about crystals? Everyone I know – women, children and men, yes! men especially LOVE crystals.   Those discreet little tumbled stones or huge amethyst geods sat beside their laptops and work machinery, helping them to calmly focus on getting the job done.   We all gravitate […]

Calling in Your Future   LAW OF ATTRACTION Sunday, 29th September 2019 Always popular with those of you in business with dreams and aspirations or those who seek happiness and abundance in joy within friendships and relationships, new locations, new employment, or a combination of them all.  Whatever your reason, I know the power of manifesting […]

Walking Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Autumnal Walk FRIDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2019 As the season’s change, so do we. Our soul is ready to snuggle down and go within to refresh and renew our needs and set new intentions into action so the wheels are set in motion to carry us forward through the next few months before a […]

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”                                                 […]

How is your energy feeling? I have been awake since 3.30am – it’s Bank Holiday Monday and the day has so much packed into it, I can hardly wait.  I am alert, active and have all chores done, ready to welcome in the day and those whom I shall meet throughout it. I am cool […]

Spirit guides, Angels

It’s one of the most frequently questions asked of by my clients and those I work with in groups and upon retreats.  Here are some examples: What is a spirit guide? Are they my family member? Are they always with me? Where are angels? I’m not religious – do I still have a spirit guide […]


Hurt, pain, loss and trauma all leave wounds within us, and some can remain quite hidden for a considerable time.  For some of us, a lifetime. Never wishing to dwell on the past, however, I usually swiftly let go and move on, as I know the worst thing you can ever do is to supress […]

Invitation to Meditation

I have had so much fun channelling from Spirit, my Invitation to Meditation Book for you.  Containing twelve beautiful meditations for you to read and visualise through your meditation journey, at a time to suite yourself. Each one colourfully crafted to ease you into a state of healing, a feeling of upliftment and with a […]

Susan Smalley

Are you super confident? Have you found throughout your lifetime your confidence has grown? Do you, as I do, believe confidence is shaped by the people, experiences, nurturing, love, environment, and inner spirit that grows that confidence – or crushes it, depending on those emotional encounters, physical incidents and mental conflicts or impressions that impact […]

Welcome!  … and for those of you who have been asking.. here is the link to the MINDFUL MEDITATION article of mine inside this month’s packed magazine for female entrepreneurs. You will find me on page 7 of the Female CEO Magazine Take a look and read through my past articles and those upcoming articles as […]

Susan Smalley

We are all familiar with the Law of Attraction.  However, you may be experiencing a dip in your energy levels, a loss of confidence, frustration at the lack of enthusiasm or support from others in your family or friendship circle.  Have your pushed others out in front of you to see them succeed yet felt […]

  So excited to bring to you this wonderful woodland journey just at the turn of May so that you may work through those issues that have clouded you over the first quarter of this year.   Solitude is brilliant for meditation, but have you ever experienced a mindfulness meditation with others?  in a group?   Be […]

Susan Smalley Meditation

 PEACE, RELAXATION, HEALTH AND INSPIRATION If you would like to experience a one hour energy healing session with Susan to overcome stress and anxiety, focus on particular goals and projects in your work area, or clarify your emotional wellbeing in your relationships with partner or family member, know that these one hour sessions are totally […]

Susan Smalley Tarot

March Tarot at the Coast Retreat Marching through the major arcana!  Everyone stumbles upon the meanings of the major arcana of Tarot.  In fact, it is the most popular question asked by tarot students at my workshops, online courses, or one to one study sessions – “Susan, what can I do to better understand the […]

February Tarot at the Coast Retreat So many of you were interested in last month’s Tarot at the Coast event with me, I have set a date and venue for the next meet up for Tarot enthusiasts. Venue:         Seaham Hall Hotel  Date:            Sunday, 17th February 2019  Time:  […]

Susan Smalley

‘One Day’ Soul Rising Intuitive Life Discovery One to One Coaching Retreat  Spend one day with me on a one to one – examining your life path, clearing your energy, focusing on your purpose. Connecting you to your soul – sensing expansion in your confidence, showing courage in your dreams and igniting joy! Our souls […]


How to Survive a Relationship Split & Be Your Own Valentine Celebration of Love is always to the forefront of our minds as we step into February.  Cupid purses his lips and threatens to snatch you down from ‘off the shelf’, even if you have tried to avoid succumbing to being tied into a relationship.  […]

Susan Smalley Coaching

Lady – Light Your Fire Intuitive Life Coaching Programme MONTHLY SESSIONS for a period of six months incorporating INTUITIVE ENERGY WORK woven through structured exercises & tasks UNIQUELY for YOU!  With ongoing private Facebook Group support and discussions, whilst you work through your daily challenges, as set out in your very own Lady – Light Your […]

Susan Smalley

Success can be yours! Over the past eleven years in business, and even beyond that first courageous step into self-employment, Susan worked after her day time employment, and at weekends, serving others.  For well over a span of over thirty years, Susan has helped thousands and yet remains humble in appreciation of cards of thanks, […]

Heart Susan Smalley

Welcome 2019!  So many resolutions made, so much clutter cleared, faces faded, ties cut and new bonds made, new plans set, new adventures ahead.   Do you dream? Or have you planned? So much you have packed into the long list of expectation on these next twelve months.  Who would agree, last year just disappeared!?  […]

Journals Journeys Retreat

Are you like me, keeping lots of old tattered, well thumbed, inked and doodled journals?  Fancy fluffy jackets or satin ribbons, sequined and strong, pink and blue and jade green with sparkles?  Do you keep gold ones, special ones, secret ones?  Have you lost some and found some? Do you pile them up high and […]

Susan Smalley

Last month I embarked upon a journey to hike and hygge in the beautiful Lake District, with a group of total strangers upon a retreat which would help me release and heal some personal inner turmoil, about which I had not spoken about to another for fourteen months.  Not even my family or friendship circle […]

If you are a stranger to crystals, then you really do not know what you are missing.  Cute, colourful, calming, and clearing., every home and workplace should have them.  A natural source of healing, energy booster, and amplifier of positivity, who could resist!? A crystal healing therapy session is particularly popular with females, and men, […]

Susan Smalley Meditation

Meditation is the perfect way for you to escape the traffic of life, hustle and bustle of shopping, festive activities and family disputes that may crush you.  why are you not creating space for YOU especially at this time –  we all know the run up to Christmas may bring with it headaches, stress, anxiety […]

I love helping you to view your life through the many windows of opportunities opening up to you.  Offering you a clearer picture of the options available, to help you make your own decisions in life. I am passionate about my gift of sensitivity, which is both ‘psychic’ and ‘spiritual’ it isn’t something picked up, […]

REIKI HEALING OPENS DOORS TO MINDFULNESS & SPIRITUAL AWAKENING  Two months ago, a new client, new to Reiki – attended his first healing session. We had spoken at length on the phone, explaining what is is, what to expect, how, where, when, etc.   His energy was fraught, tight, fearful and his heart heavy. A lovely […]

REIKI HEALING FOR YOU? There are those in life who are natural healers.    Do you feel you are one of them? Have you wondered about Reiki, but don’t know enough about it, to benefit from one of the most popular healing therapies enjoyed by others across the world?  Are you unsure, afraid, or skeptical?  […]

Pop across to my very own facebook group SPIRITUAL SOFA and join a growing community of like minded spiritual people who have similar lifestyles such as yourself.  Take a seat on our sofa, relax, unwind, read and become increasingly inspired. A year ago my soul spoke and nudged me into creating this online daily community with […]

Welcome!  Sparkling Soul Who doesn’t want to feel energised, motivated, inspired and empowered?   Well, I know YOU do, and yes, you can! I have designed a special intuitive life coaching course with you in mind.  Those women who have already successfully completed my recent live delivery of the one to one four week life coaching package […]

REIKI HEALING TRAINING I have lost count how many of you have come along to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Reiki Healing.  Whether it was to chill out, taking time out escaping from the drama’s of life, or to find a balance emotionally, seeking solitude away from family responsibility, being balanced in energy field to […]

You know how much I have a passion for Tarot.  Not just reading, but especially teaching.   This recent day of exploring the meaning of Tarot with students, was no exception.  Following on from the huge success of my online tarot course, Journey to Self, last year, and several LIVE Tarot Workshops already held this year, […]

I really do love the daily inspirations, tasks, challenges, polls and interaction within my Spiritual Sofa Facebook Group and know that both you, and your friends, will love it too.   I invite you to join and pop in daily, where you can be assured of lots of upliftment, news on my workshops, retreats, and special […]

  Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.         Langston Hughes                                                                  […]

We had such a fantastic attendance at my Attract Your Abundance Workshop earlier this year.  All attendees were sparkling, energised, and brilliant in taking part in the full day focus on attracting into their lives, everything they desired, for their highest good, and that of others.   Joy was expressed as each attendee reflected upon their […]

Are you noticing an increase in your dreams?  Do you find yourself restless and at unease? Do you feel fearful or inspired by your dreamstate? What sits within your subconscious as your body enters into slumber? Can you recall your dreams? Have you dreams of a loved one in spirit? Are you having trouble trying […]

Feeling like you are about to snap!?   Too much pressure of family responsibility on your shoulders?   Rising debts?  Suffocating work pressures?  Addictions?  Pain within your body?  Conflict within your emotions?  Loneliness?  Lack of sleep?  Anger or frustration?  Peer pressure?  Feeling a failure?  Overwhelmed?  Unfulfilled?  Fed up with your life?  Not sleeping?  No friends? You may […]


Using her experience of ‘sensing’ and ‘tuning into’ your energy, along with insight into your dilema, Susan knows how to steer you into your pathway.


Helping you to escape life’s demands and take time out for you in which to unwind.


Susan works with integrity and gives the information which the spirit world communicates via her clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.