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Susan Smalley

Life Discovery Coach, Tarot, Medium, Teacher, Healer

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‘One Day’ Soul Rising Intuitive Life Discovery One to One Coaching Spend one day with me on a one to one – examining your lifepath, clearing your energy, focusing on your purpose. Connecting you to your soul – sensing expansion in your confidence, showing courage in your dreams and igniting joy! Our souls connected to […]

REIKI HEALING OPENS DOORS TO MINDFULNESS & SPIRITUAL AWAKENING  Two months ago, a new client, new to Reiki – attended his first healing session. We had spoken at length on the phone, explaining what is is, what to expect, how, where, when, etc.   His energy was fraught, tight, fearful and his heart heavy. A lovely […]

REIKI HEALING FOR YOU? There are those in life who are natural healers.    Do you feel you are one of them? Have you wondered about Reiki, but don’t know enough about it, to benefit from one of the most popular healing therapies enjoyed by others across the world?  Are you unsure, afraid, or skeptical?  […]

Pop across to my very own facebook group SPIRITUAL SOFA and join a growing community of like minded spiritual people who have similar lifestyles such as yourself.  Take a seat on our sofa, relax, unwind, read and become increasingly inspired. A year ago my soul spoke and nudged me into creating this online daily community with […]

Welcome!  Sparkling Soul Who doesn’t want to feel energised, motivated, inspired and empowered?   Well, I know YOU do, and yes, you can! I have designed a special intuitive life coaching course with you in mind.  Those women who have already successfully completed my recent live delivery of the one to one four week life coaching package […]

REIKI HEALING TRAINING I have lost count how many of you have come along to enjoy the wonderful benefits of Reiki Healing.  Whether it was to chill out, taking time out escaping from the drama’s of life, or to find a balance emotionally, seeking solitude away from family responsibility, being balanced in energy field to […]

You know how much I have a passion for Tarot.  Not just reading, but especially teaching.   This recent day of exploring the meaning of Tarot with students, was no exception.  Following on from the huge success of my online tarot course, Journey to Self, last year, and several LIVE Tarot Workshops already held this year, […]

I really do love the daily inspirations, tasks, challenges, polls and interaction within my Spiritual Sofa Facebook Group and know that both you, and your friends, will love it too.   I invite you to join and pop in daily, where you can be assured of lots of upliftment, news on my workshops, retreats, and special […]

  Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.         Langston Hughes                                                                  […]

We had such a fantastic attendance at my Attract Your Abundance Workshop earlier this year.  All attendees were sparkling, energised, and brilliant in taking part in the full day focus on attracting into their lives, everything they desired, for their highest good, and that of others.   Joy was expressed as each attendee reflected upon their […]

Are you noticing an increase in your dreams?  Do you find yourself restless and at unease? Do you feel fearful or inspired by your dreamstate? What sits within your subconscious as your body enters into slumber? Can you recall your dreams? Have you dreams of a loved one in spirit? Are you having trouble trying […]

Susan Smalley

Loving all the energy upliftment summertime promises!  – being in nature, connecting with light, bright and energy filled friends who share the same interests. Living truly authentically with an open heart and trust in all relationships. Being aware of the needs in those who not only dream of reaching high vibe lifestyle and total fulfillment, […]


Using her experience of ‘sensing’ and ‘tuning into’ your energy, along with insight into your dilema, Susan knows how to steer you into your pathway.


Helping you to escape life’s demands and take time out for you in which to unwind.


Susan works with integrity and gives the information which the spirit world communicates via her clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.