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Susan Smalley

Life Discovery Coach, Tarot, Medium, Teacher, Healer

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Feeling like you are about to snap!?   Too much pressure of family responsibility on your shoulders?   Rising debts?  Suffocating work pressures?  Addictions?  Pain within your body?  Conflict within your emotions?  Loneliness?  Lack of sleep?  Anger or frustration?  Peer pressure?  Feeling a failure?  Overwhelmed?  Unfulfilled?  Fed up with your life?  Not sleeping?  No friends? You may […]

Tarot & Afternoon Tea Party  Venue:  Beamish Hall Hotel Date:     Sunday 24th June 2018 Time :   3pm An amazing event for you to come along with a friend, or on your own, with your Tarot Cards, to learn specifically how to read Tarot for others.  I shall supply writing materials for you to take […]

Susan Smalley

Loving all the energy upliftment summertime promises!  – being in nature, connecting with light, bright and energy filled friends who share the same interests. Living truly authentically with an open heart and trust in all relationships. Being aware of the needs in those who not only dream of reaching high vibe lifestyle and total fulfillment, […]

Six  In Numerology –  Six is symbolic of balance, security, pleasure, entertaining, socialising, dining, celebrating, respect, promotion, wellbeing, achievements, victory, planning, travel, and friendships.  Six stimulates good energy, high energy!  Success! Indicating strong relationships with children, grandchildren, negotiations regarding their education, play and safeguarding.  Fostering or adoption, Conception and Fertility.  Or, it can simply indicate reflecting […]


Using her experience of ‘sensing’ and ‘tuning into’ your energy, along with insight into your dilema, Susan knows how to steer you into your pathway.


Helping you to escape life’s demands and take time out for you in which to unwind.


Susan works with integrity and gives the information which the spirit world communicates via her clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.