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Susan Smalley

Intuitive Life Coach, Medium, Teacher, Healer

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I’ve done quite a bit of healing through coaching work this week.  I feel quite emotionally charged with joy when I reflect back upon the past week.  A flurry of teachers who are adapting their modes of well-being – nutritionally through diet, and mentally through mindfulness and meditation.  Social workers, health personnel, and nursing staff […]


I have always loved crystals.  I have found myself directed towards them when often out and about meandering through hours at the most significant times of my life where change occurs, when a crystal pops into view and demands my gaze, touch and connection.  Often purchasing one or two to bring home, then gifting them […]

Susan Smalley

Often if we are working full time at the office, on the road, from home, or finding time escaping us due to demands of responsibilities at work or home, with family or relationships, we neglect our soul’s need to step out into the day and breathe. Align with earth energy. I personally love the outdoors, […]

with Susan Smalley

So  –  you’re stressed? tired? pulled in all directions? have no time for ‘you’?   –  I can help you with that.  Often you push yourself more and more and give your time to others, feeling you must not let them down.  You strive to achieve, fly with bleary ambition, and  have waited until your nerves […]


Using her experience of ‘sensing’ and ‘tuning into’ your energy, along with insight into your dilema, Susan knows how to steer you into your pathway.


Helping you to escape life’s demands and take time out for you in which to unwind.


Susan works with integrity and gives the information which the spirit world communicates via her clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.