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Susan Smalley

Life Discovery Coach, Tarot, Medium, Teacher, Healer

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I have some wonderful news!   My own book on the Tarot ‘Tarot Insights’ will be launched in 2018. A book to help you learn all about the connection to each of the 78 tarot cards. These brief insights give a short interpretation of my guidance to you, not only aiding you in the understanding of the […]

The theme of this afternoon Tarot Workshop is Love.   We give our love to others endlessly so I am inviting you on St. Valentine’s Day, to celebrate the love you hold in your heart for you, by indulging yourself in this splendid coastal retreat with me and others to explore the love you have […]

Feeling like a complete change? You have no doubt spoken out to the universe, your New Year’s Resolution! Do they include new hair?  new style?  new job? Are you going for a completely new lifestyle? I do believe you can achieve anything you wish, and this year brings with it many opportunities for you to […]

They’re everywhere – tall, short, green, gold, silver and blue! We all express our personalities via the arrangement of colours and lovely ornaments and ribbons on our Christmas Trees. Have you gone traditional or modern? I have mine to buy and dress up – I usually have lots of creams, ambers and golds. There has […]


Using her experience of ‘sensing’ and ‘tuning into’ your energy, along with insight into your dilema, Susan knows how to steer you into your pathway.


Helping you to escape life’s demands and take time out for you in which to unwind.


Susan works with integrity and gives the information which the spirit world communicates via her clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clairsentience.